>> Our Institution
P.A.E.L.V. is a vocational and professional institution, which has been working in the teaching of foreign language since 1990. It is located in the neighbourhood of Recoleta in the heart of Buenos Aires.

P.A.E.L.V. becomes part of the global scenery through the willingness to interpret the changing needs of people. That is why we are aware of the fact that we are all protagonists of the communication process and that communicative competence is the key to achieve intellectual autonomy and the development of the necessary capacities to be competitive in the working scene.

In today’s world, where communication has become massively global, competence in more than one language, it is a priority for interaction between people.
In this respect, P.A.E.L.V. is a leading institution in Argentina which promotes the necessary tools to achieve the effective learning of the different aspects of foreign languages.

>> Our Staff
The staff at P.A.E.L.V. is rigorously selected in accordance with the institutional objectives. All the teachers go through a selection process that contemplates their psychophysical aptitudes as well as their specific training, experience and update in current methodologies for the teaching of foreign languages.

As working language teachers, the members of the staff hold positions in both state and private educational institutions and their experience ranges from kindergarten to university levels.

>> Our Methodology
The ability to use a foreign language effectively is based on the capacity to express oneself fluently both in speech and in writing. In order to achieve this objective it is necessary to develop a dynamic methodology with enough flexibility to adjust itself to the real needs of the students. The methodology used at P.A.E.L.V. is basically geared towards:
peer interaction in small groups;
cooperation and competition for the achievement of common concrete goals;
flexibility in the means to achieve goals;
use of technology for practical purposes;
real language experience;
performance of specific tasks;
use of self developed teaching material;
use of material from the real world;
personalized instruction to exploit each individual’s full potential

>> Contents of the levels
Noviembre, diciembre, marzo y julio. De ser conveniente para la institución, se pueden solicitar turnos especiales en otros momentos del año. Los insitutos y profesores que deseen que los exámenes de sus alumnos sean rendidos en sus sedes o en turno especial en Las Heras, deberán solicitar fecha a la BREVEDAD para que la Dirección y la Administración tentan el tiempo suficiente para lograr el máximo nivel de organización posible y de esta manera mejorar año tras año la calidad de nuestro servicio.

>> Taylor-made courses

P.A.E.L.V. constantly welcomes a variety of students whose needs differ in many ways. These differences are contemplated through the development of specific courses tailored to the characteristics of the students who are taking them. Our main concern is that the courses that we offer should be suited to the needs of those taking them, which means that the syllabuses that we implement are constantly shaped and changed according to the special necessities of those taking them.

>> Events 2006
>> Workshops

Spanish and Art
Tango dancing
Colonial Pottery
Wine Tasting
Argentine folklore
Mate y bizcochos.
Tango, empanadas y vino.
Lunch at a typical Regional restaurant

>> Courses

Group lessons
60 hour-modules u$s 400
30 hour-modules u$s 220

Individual lessons

u$s 15 per hour
According to the needs of the student